Biergerkommitee Lëtzebuerg 2050 : The results were presented to the government

After one year of intense working, the members of the Biergerkommitee Lëtzebuerg 2050 presented the results of their deliberations to Claude Turmes, Minister for Energy and Regional Planning, on Tuesday 18 January. In the presence of Carole Dieschbourg, Minister for the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, Lex Delles, Minister for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Franz Fayot, Minister for the Economy, and Henri Kox, Minister for Housing, the Biergerkommitee presented the political leaders with a document containing their conclusions and concrete proposals.

“I wanted the committee to become a real laboratory of participatory and co-creative democracy throughout the process,” said Claude Turmes. With a mixture of information, discussion and negotiation, the group succeeded in arriving at common positions from very different points of view.

Nine guidelines and 44 recommendations

“Every policy needs a framework and values to guide it”. The Biergerkommitee Lëtzebuerg 2050 first formulated guidelines that must form the framework for government action in order to successfully make the transition to CO2 neutrality: democratic legitimacy, urgency, equity are some examples. The committee then analysed the country’s strengths, but also its obstacles on the way to becoming a carbon neutral territory. Finally, after intense discussions, the members agreed on 44 recommendations in the following areas: Governance, Spatial Planning and Urban Development, Mobility, Soil Protection, Architecture, Biodiversity, Economy and Information.

The PDF of the final document

German version
French version