Biergerkomitee Lëtzebuerg 2050: Call for participation

In order to support the “Luxembourg in Transition” process, the Department of Spatial Planning of the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning, through TNS Ilres, a Luxembourg-based polling company, is seeking people residing in the Grand Duchy or in the cross-border region to form a citizens’ committee.

Throughout the year 2021, this group will be confronted with the issue of the transition of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to a carbon-neutral society by 2050. The group will take part in some twenty conferences and discussions (digital and physical) which will be held in principle twice a month in the evening. These events will enable participants to better understand the issues related to spatial planning for 2050 and then to formulate informed opinions. No prior knowledge of the subject is required.

Interested candidates can register until 18 December via the platform:

The information provided will only be used to enable TNS Ilres to constitute a balanced group, best reflecting the diversity of the population living and/or working on the territory of Luxembourg.