Consultation bodies

Luxembourg in Transition involves three bodies responsible for monitoring the overall process: the Interministerial Committee, the Advisory Committee and the Scientific Committee, set up to provide advice and support. The interim and final reports will be submitted to the Scientific Committee for a detailed evaluation, which will be accompanied by opinions from the Interministerial and Advisory Committees.

The Interministerial Committee

Under the direction of the Département de l’aménagement du territoire (DATer), the composition of the Interministerial Committee will be adapted as the work progresses.

The Consultative Committee

  • A representative of Syvicol;
  • A representative of CSAT;
  • A representative of the Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;
  • A representative of the Chamber of Trades of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;
  • A representative of the Chamber of Employees of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;
  • A representative of STATEC
  • A representative of the OAI
  • A representative of LUCA
  • A representative of the Conseil supérieur pour un développement durable
  • A representative of the IDEA Foundation
  • A representative of LISER
  • A representative of the University of Luxembourg
  • A representative of Mouvement écologique 
  • Representatives of partner bodies that are members of the greater cross-border cooperation area (Saarland, Grand Est, Rhineland-Palatinate, Wallonia and the German-speaking community of Belgium)

The scientific committee

Sabine BARLES Urban metabolism engineer, Professor at the University of Paris 1
Dominique BOURG Sociologist, Philosopher, Honorary Professor at the University of Lausanne
Olivier DE SCHUTTER Professor of International Law at the Catholic University of Louvain
Lex FABER Developer/Urban Planner
Sylvain FERRETTI Environmental Engineer, Managing Director of the Geneva Canton Urban Planning Office
Manuel GAUSA Architect and Urban Planner, Professor at the University of Genoa (Member of the Scientific Committee for the Greater Geneva project)
Thomas KALLSTENIUS Materials Physicist, Chair and Managing Director of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
François GEMENNE Specialist in Environmental Geopolitics and Migration Dynamics, University of Liège
Carola HEIN Architect and Historian, Professor at Delft University of Technology (Member of the Scientific Committee for the Greater Geneva project)
Sonia LAVADINHO Researcher and future-oriented consultant in the areas of urban planning and mobility, property development and commercial vitality
Bertrand LEMOINE Architect and Engineer, President of the French Academy of Architecture, former Director of the Greater Paris International Workshop
Christine MULLER Architect
Denis SCUTO Historian, vice director of the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH)
Susanne SIEBENTRITT Professor, Photovoltaic Laboratory, University of Luxembourg
Marjolein VISSER Interfaculty School of Bioengineers, Free University of Brussels