End of the 1st phase of the process

Undeterred by the challenging conditions due to Covid-19, the 10 international teams selected for the first phase of “Luxembourg in Transition” have finalised their work and delivered their first reports, as planned, before noon yesterday! Congratulations to all those who participated in this crucial stage.

The aim was to conceive methods through which it would be possible for society to become carbon-neutral and resilient to the effects of climate change by 2050, as well as to define the metrics by which their impact could be quantified.

On the 21st and 22nd of January, during an internal seminar, each of the 10 teams will present their work to both the committees accompanying the consultation and the Minister for Spatial Planning Claude Turmes.

After the seminar and a scientific assessment of the work submitted, six teams will be selected to participate in the next stage of the process. This second phase will focus more specifically on their approach on demonstrating how their principles, methods, tools, and metric(s) can be used to develop a territorial project strategy in the case of the Luxembourg cross-border area.