End of the 2nd phase of the process

The six Luxembourg in Transition teams that remained in the running after the selection of the 1st phase presented the results of their work yesterday in Belval in the large auditorium of the University of Luxembourg. Thank you to all the team members who participated, either in person or remotely from their respective countries! The Scientific Committee, the Advisory Committee, the Interministerial Committee, the Minister for Spatial Planning, Claude Turmes, as well as members of the Biergerkommitee Lëtzebuerg 2050 were thus able to appreciate the concepts proposed and the solutions imagined to achieve a carbon-neutral Luxembourg that is resilient to the effects of climate change in 2050.

In this second phase, which started at the beginning of February, the aim was to put into practice the metrics, methods and tools developed during the first phase and to apply them to the specific case of the transition of Luxembourg and its border region towards a low-carbon society. The reports of the six teams will soon be published on this website.

The Scientific Committee will now deliberate and select the three most relevant approaches for the country and its functional area. The three teams selected for the 3rd phase, which will end on 24 December, will then be able to transform their proposals into concrete demonstration projects.