Object of consultation

In the face of the global environmental emergency, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is seeking to equip itself with a territorial strategy based on a broad citizen consensus. This strategy will comprise a long chain of decisions and actions aiming to reverse the actions and processes that contribute to the phenomenon of climate change (transition), while attempting to minimise the impact on citizens’ quality of life (less air pollution, less noise, more green spaces in cities, etc.) and on biodiversity (resilience), to ensure the healthy development of the biosphere.

Luxembourg in Transition aims to bring together a small number of multidisciplinary teams to take part in a three-stage process designed to deliver ecological transition scenarios for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and its cross-border area, translated into concrete flagship projects. To sketch out this evolution, the teams selected at each stage will be invited to develop visionary and effective tools, methods and devices through intense interdisciplinary work with the Luxembourg functional region as a case study and primary object.

Although the territory being considered is small both on a European and a global scale, Luxembourg in Transition should be considered as a kind of proving ground or pilot case, where success could have a leverage effect by serving as an example with much broader effectiveness.