Timeline of the procedure

The implementing stages and related tasks incumbent upon the selected teams shall take place in accordance with the timetable envisaged and established by the contracting authority as follows:


Preliminary phase Call for applications

16 June – 31 August 2020 at noon

Stage 1 Methodological framework for the transition project

15 October 2020 – 22 January 2021

The ten teams selected will have to demonstrate that they understand and can accurately apply a transition metric, specifically quantitative data and objectives designed to achieve two simultaneous goals: a low-carbon and decarbonising society that is also resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Stage 2 The transition project adapted to the cross-border functional region

1 February – 4 June 2021

The six teams selected during or at the end of the previous stage will have to demonstrate how their principles, methods, tools and metric(s) for the ecological transition through the project can be used to develop a territorial project strategy for the scope of thinking for the Luxembourg cross-border region.

Stage 3 The transition project is divided into phases and demonstration projects

14 June – 24 December 2021

The three teams selected during or at the end of the previous stage will develop “towards 2050” transition scenarios for Luxembourg and its functional region and translate them into concrete applications and projects at a range of scales.