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Facing challenges posed by climatic hazards and social issues, Luxembourg in Transition strives to develop strategic land-use planning solutions and produce ecological transition scenarios by 2050 for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and its cross-border territories.


Inspired by other large-scale consultations that have been conducted, such as those for Paris and Geneva, we launched our own consultation process for Luxembourg back in January 2021, as the first milestone of Luxembourg in Transition.

Rethinking the territory


"A unique experience: by bringing together around a project for the future experts from various disciplines and backgrounds, actors in the field as well as committed citizens, it has been made possible to define a set of innovative strategies and bold concepts getting Luxembourg to embark on the path of territorial transition."

Claude Turmes,

Minister of Energy and Land-use Planning

Flow & timeline



16.06.2020 – 31.08.2020 image

Preliminary phrase

Call for applications.


teams selected

16.10.2020 – 22.01.2021 image

Step 1

Methodological framework for the transition project.


teams selected

01.02.2021 – 04.06.2021 image

Step 2

Adjustments in relation to the cross-border region.


teams selected

14.06.2021 – 24.12.2021 image

Step 3

Project-split into phases and concrete applications.

the video

International consultation

A call for action gathering more than 30 international teams of participants and a citizens' committee addressing the challenges related to ecological transition.

image image image image image image

"A true think-tank consisting of enthusiastic experts and committed citizens providing innovative and experimental ideas, strategies and concepts."

Claude Turmes,

Minister of Energy and Land-use Planning

Teams' manifesto


Projects en cours

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